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We are headed out on a 7 day in September, so I have reading a lot of reviews.

Don't have buyer's will have a wonderful time. You have cruised enough to know that 99% of having a good time on a cruise is a good attitude.

I have often said that as long as the ship does not sink, I will have a great time. And even if the ship does sink, as long as no one is hurt and they give me enough perks for my trouble...I will still have a good time.
Just remember that you are not responsible for "their" good time. Only THEY can create that state of mind.

The reports so far for July have been that the water in the pool was chilly.
But they did not have a lot of sunny days.

A cruise to Canada is different than a cruise to the Caribbean temp wise, but if everyone is expecting cooler temps..then they won't be disappointed.

Ok, let's start with the kids. 17 year old will be in Club O2. 14 year old will be in Camp Carnival's 12- 14 age group. 5 year old will be in Camp Carnival's 2-5 age group. All will have a great time. Each age group will have a Caper listing activities for the entire cruise (where Adult Capers are daily). Their Capers list what activity, where and the older kid's activities will be moving around the ship.

Keep an extra set in the cabin so that you can know where they are at all times. We started cruising with our boys when they were 5 and 8 and they have loved every ship.

From what I have read, there is lots to do right at the ports. I have read that for $20.00 per person as you step off the ship, there is an independent excursion who will take you to Peggy's Cove, Titanic graveyard, Citadel etc on a 5 hour tour in Halifax.

Also in Halifax is FRED (which is free). It runs a circle around downtown Halifax where you can get on and off at will.

Know going in that you can encounter lines at the buffet. Food on Lido will just be ok from what I have read (of course, everyone has their own opinion about that). I believe you will find food in the dining room to be good to really good. It won't be 5 star but it will be fine. And as you know, pizza and ice cream and room service are 24 hours.

I think the Victory will have her strong points and her weak points...but overall, you should be fine.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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