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Default Re: TSA Changes Rules ---- Smokers Will be Happy.

Originally Posted by sail7seas
As of August 4, you smokers can again bring your cigarette lighters in your carryon bags on airplanes. TSA decided they are wasting too much time and money looking for your Bics.

... I hate to say it, but I've been bringing my cigarette lighter on airplanes all along. TSA really had very little to say about it. A lot of people don't know this, but on a standard BIC lighter, there is not enough metal to set off the detectors. Sure, if you put your lighter in your carry-on there is a very good chance that an alert TSA person manning the X-ray screen will see it, and it's bye bye lighter. But, if you just keep that old pack of Marlboros in your pocket, along with your BIC lighter ... and walk happily through the metal detector, TSA will never be the wiser. The metal detector won't emit so much as a beep.

Of course, I wouldn't try this with a real lighter ... something with a lot of chrome or metal. I'm sure the detector would give you away with something like that and it would be such a shame to lose a nice lighter like that.

I always thought this rule about cigarette lighters was dumber than dumb. How much damage can someone do with a tiny BIC lighter. By the time they set a fire to something with it, half the passengers on their row would have overpowered and subdued them.

My feeling has always been that it's bad enough I can't smoke on the airplane and in half the airports in this country. At least let me have my lighter so that as soon as I deplane, I can go outside and enjoy a much-needed smoke.

Blue skies ...

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