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Default Re: 1 to 10 How Much Do You Care - Dress Code?

Originally Posted by sail7seas
Does it matter to you if HAL maintains a Dress Code and enforces it? Or is it fine by you if people come to the dining room dressed in whatever way they wish?
I've always said ... to each his own. Of course, I'm not advocating people coming to the dining room dressed in flipflops, tee-shirts and cut-off shorts. But, I'm not saying people should be forced to wear gowns and tuxes either.

I know some folks feel that they go on cruises to get dressed up and having formal nights is very, very important to them. But I say, why should I have to don the sequened tops and silk pants just because dressing up is important to someone else. Of course, I do make the effort because I am on a HAL ship and HAL has certain dress codes. So, I have to abide by them. But I think the rules are dumb and I honestly think that with the roll-out of As You Wish Dining, they will soon change. I think the dress code may only be enforced in the traditional dining room, with folks in As You Wish not being required to follow it.

Now I know some people will say that the dress code is actually the dress code throughout the ship for the entire evening. But to that I say that I have never, ever seen someone dressed decently turned away from the show lounge or any bar simply because their attire was not strictly formal on a formal night. Lots of people dress up for dinner and then run right back to their cabins to change into something more comfortable afterwards, and I've seen them all over the ship on formal nights.

My feeling is that if dressing formal is important to you and the group you are traveling with, then by all means set up certain nights on the cruise where you and your group are gonna dress to the nines, and to h*ll with anyone who doesn't like it. You don't need the ship to declare a formal night in order to break out all your best finery. Then, when you and your group come to dinner, you'll be amongst the best dressed in the dining room and I am sure lots of other passengers will admire your attire. You'll probably get loads of compliments and will feel extra special because of it. In fact, I'll probably be one of the folks complimenting you.

But for those who would prefer not to dress to the nines, I think that's okay too ... just so long as a certain level of decorum aboard the ship is maintained. To me, casual does NOT mean jeans, tee-shirts and flipflops. It means the kind of outfit you would wear to a decent restaurant at home ... at the very least.

Like I said a long time ago ... I don't see mandatory formal nights lasting on HAL too much longer. Now that As You Wish Dining is being rolled out, I see their demise coming in the very near future. But, again, that does not mean someone can't dress formally, on any night they so choose.

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