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Default Carnival Sensation On-Ship Review UPDATED AGAIN POST-CRUISE

Hey guys, after learning we had been awarded 180 minutes of free wifi on the ship, i decided i'd make my review for the Sensation a streaming cruise-long review. For starters let me say that even since my May 07 cruise on this ship they have made MAJOR improvements and advancements into the Evolution of fun program. In my first part of the review, i'd like to make note of some of the changes that have been made. For starters, the ships marketing staff is going full ahead with the new naming of this as well as the other Fantasy class ships. No longer is it the M/S Sensation but now the Carnival Sensation!!!!!! YAY In addition the first of the Lido deck improvements as part of the EOF program has been added. When stepping onto lido deck its now almost impossible to miss the towering metal and net structure that sets in the middle of the deck. The "Water Wars" Arena has been added. It consists of 2 "target" zones where opponents sit and launch water balloons at their opponent's zone, and a fill station where the balloons are filled. I look forward to seeing how this works out later in the cruise. Its on the teen caper for the Sea Day on Wednesday. Also Carnival has teamed up with the movie "Hairspray" which has provided them with a variety of promotional materials and activities. The teen caper is PACKED and i'll post a complete list when i get home of the activities. First of all Carnival has adopted the 02 Hottie Hunt!! Also formal night is described as " Come dressed to impress on our "Hairspray" formal night" Also the 3rd night is called "Stop Light Dress Night" Green if your single and looking, Yellow if your cautious but not yet taken and Red: STOP if your taken. I think the addition of all these new interactive ideas into the teen caper will really make for a much more interactive and pleasurable cruise with a club 02 program that will entice teens to participate. As I recieve more information, i will add it as well as pictures. In fact we do have 2 Directors on board, Andy and Ezster, both of which I'm anticipating to be a LOAD OF FUN in spite of my prior aspirations of the directors. Wish me luck! Have fun to all of u at home! Bye for now.

Ryan Neal
Onboard the Carnival Sensation!
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