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[quote="Ron"]If I read the question correctly, it asks on a scale of 1-10 how much we care about the dress code.
My response would be about a 7. I believe that if a restaurant ( on a ship or on land ) has a dress code, then they should either enforce it or abandon it period. That's part of my concern. The second part is that people who don't make a halfway decent effort to adhere to the suggested dress code are blatantly defying the rules and thumbing their noses at the ones who do. On some rare ocassion there may be someone who hasn't gotten their luggage and doesn't have their clothes but that would be easily explained and , I'm sure, overlooked by everyone.
I'm not suggesting everyone wear a tux, long formal gowns, etc. on formal nights but at the least a dark coat and tie would be better than strolling in looking better suited for Golden Corral than a fine dining establishment. And, no-- it doesn't ruin my dinner or cruise if someone is not wearing a coat and tie.

OK, start shooting. I can take it-- been shot at many times. [/

Yes...I agree too. Well said. There are some people who do not have common sense and need boundries set.

For example: Casual won't take but a second for them to think it means flip flops, shorts and a Tshirt.
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