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Originally Posted by adias.angel
Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
If you go to a bar during the Captain's party, all the drinks are free. They try to push the two or three pre-made drinks on you but just skip over to the bar and they will make you whatever you want.
When we went to the captains party it was in the main show lounge. Isn't it always in the main show lounge? Is there a bar in the show lounge?

Thank you so much for the tip! Now I can get the virgin fufu drinks I like
Virgin Foo-foo's!!!! Is there such a thing!!! Just kidding.

There is a bar in the show lounge. However, the dance club, karaoke bar and piano bars are all used for the Captain's party. And, yes, just walk up to the bar and order what you want. (Tip the bartender a few bucks though)

If the bartender gives you a hard time, just go to another bartender. Some of they do not realize that the captain's party includes "beverages"
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