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Default Re: Freeport - Lucaya Marketplace question:

Originally Posted by Michelle1959
In Freeport we are going on the glass bottom boat in the morning and backto the ship for lunch. I thought that after lunch, rather than stay on the ship for the afternoon. we would take a taxi/van to port lacaya marketplace.

Is it easy to find a taxi/van to get back to the ship? Is there a specific place where they have taxi'vans lined up waiting for passengers?

I'm just horrified that we might not make it back and get left behind as it's not a Carnival excursion.

I wouldn't worry about getting back. I must have been asked 20 times if I needed a cab. They wait at both ends of the market.

They did make us wait while they looked around for others to fill it up.

You won't have a problem. It was very easy. If you want to see a nice beach, walk accross the street to the Sheraton / Westin. They are near the casino.

The swimming was bad becase it had seaweed, but it was a beautiful spot.

I would recommend you do this.


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