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Originally Posted by Michelle1959
Bill - I'm on the glass bottom boat ride, which doesn't mention a stop at the marketplace. There is another boat ride, not sure if it's also glass bottom, that does go to the market place, according to the excursion desciprion. That's NOT the one we're on. So I thought we'd cab/van it and hope we don't get stranded -that's why I'm taking several credit cards - I hope I don't have to pay for us to be flown in a tiny plane from freeport to nassau!

I guess if I find some others who are also going to take the van back to the ship we can hang out near or with them and make sure we all leave together in plenty of time.

If it's that much of a drive, I don't think I'll want to even bother - just to hang out for 60 or 90 minutes. knowing me,k I'll be too stressed out about getting back on time so we'll probably end up staying on the ship for the afternoon. I know I'll appreciate the lack of crowds, maybe will relax in the jacuzzi while Ian plays video games for a bit then we'll do mini golf!
I think Bill is right. You will get off the boat for your tour and find a guy with a sign. I am not 100% sure, but I think they take you by van to Port Lucay for the Glass bottom boat ride. Instead of hoping on the van ride back you could tell them that you are going to get your own cab back. That is what I did.

I don't think you should worry. You should walk around the area. Just give yourself time to get back.


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