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Default Give Us Your Cruise Tips Here

Do you have any cruise tips - either for beginning cruisers or veterans? Leave them here!

When preparing for a seagoing voyage, all experienced cruisers have a mental packing list of necessities. Naturally, passport/photo ID, air and cruise documents and credit cards lead everyone's list.

Over the years, I've heard of wonderful items some cruisers won't leave home without, including ear plugs, sleeping masks and even night lights (so you can see your way to the bathroom at night without turning on the light). Air freshener is another, since candles aren't allowed and those cabin bathrooms get a lot of use.

It's a sign of the times that some of us now take anti-bacterial gel. I have found a new antibacterial handwipe of the moist towelette variety called PAWS, which kills Norovirus, flu virus, hepatitis, and a host of other diseases you may pick up when traveling.

My wife's list of extras include a magnifying make-up mirror with suction cup and, to help endure those endless airport lines, Game Boy. She never leaves home without a framed photo of her family, and I even know people who bring pics of their pets.

This week, we'd like to tap the collective cruising experience of 200,000 subscribers to this newsletter. What special items do you take along to improve the enjoyment of travel and your cruise? Click this link Chit Chat Message Board and find the messages asking for cruise tips to share them with other cruisers.
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