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Originally Posted by onewaytooz
I keep asking this question on various message boards, but have yet to find a satisfactory answer.
I am planning to relocate to Australia - from North America. I have to travel solo. I cannot sleep with another person in the room. I need to fnd a cruise that a) is going to Australia and b) has low single supplement.
Can you help?
I am running out of time to book.
Thank you
onewaytooz (christine)
I'm not an expert on single supplements, but I know Holland America offers some really decent ones, especially on long cruises ... generally 40 to 50%. If you take one of the luxury lines, from what I understand on certain cruises their single supplements run next to zilch because they run 2-for-one sales. But then you pay more for the cruise itself because it is generally all-inclusive.

Repositioning cruises will often be among your best deals since a lot of people would not want to deal with flying one way. Also, on a cruise going as far as Austrailia, your airfare coming back is not gonna be cheap. But in your case, since you wouldn't be coming back, that wouldn't be a problem.

Once you do book something, however, keep an eye on the prices for that itinerary. Get your travel agent to do the same. Repositioning cruises often drop in price over time ... simply because they often do not sell as well as a regular cruise. Thus, you could book at one price, and find that your price at the time of sailing has dropped a grand or more. Just keep an eye on this, and get your travel agent to cancel and rebook you at the lower price right up until you enter the penalty period.

Good luck to you and enjoy Austrailia!

Blue skies ...

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