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Originally Posted by You
that's a wonderful and useful list Norm. my question is, won't all that be over the weight limit for airlines? how many suitcases do you use to keep under the weight limit? we are doing a 15 day Hawaii trip in March 2008 and i am looking for all the help i can get to pack smartly for it.
I usually check a "two suiter" (26" roller back), a pilot's case (22" roller back), and carry on a briefcase. The pilot's case actually is within the size limits for carry-on, but it's easier to check it since I'm checking the bigger piece anyway. I have put all of the items in the packing list for men, above, plus a Halloween costume with a full cape and make-up into this luggage and have never had a weight problem. I'm average size, so big people might need to step each bag up to the next larger size to accommodate their larger sizes clothing, but I doubt that it would put them seriously over the weight limits.

Backing up a step, nearly all of the major airlines include the following luggage, per person, in the fare.

>> Two (2) checked bags, not to exceed fifty (50) pounds each

>> One (1) carry-on bag

>> One (1) personal item such as a purse, a brief case, a computer bag, or a small backpack

The major airlines assess surcharges for each checked bag in excess of two (2) and for each checked bag that's over the weight limit. The typical surcharge for each bag between fifty (50) pounds and seventy (70) pounds is about twenty dollars ($20.00), which is quite nominal. OTOH, the typical surcharge for each bag over seventy (70) pounds is one hundred dollars ($100) is typical, which is pretty steep. If you have more than the permitted carry-on items, the Transportation Security Administration will not let you through security and the airline will not allow you onto the plane until you shed the excess.

So the bottom line is that you can avoid baggage surcharges by spliting your belongings between two medium suitcases per person, each of which are within the weight limit, rather than cramming everything into one big suitcase that is nearly certain to be overweight.

BTW, be sure to pack your cosmetics and toiletries in one of your checked suitcases, except for small (3 oz. or less) travel containers of anything that you will need while in transit, as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces its rules for liquids and gels in carry-on bags very strictly. Note that if you must bring any small containers of liquids and gels in your carry-on, they must be in a quart size (or smaller) zip-lock bag. TSA will require you to remove the zip-lock bag from your carry-on and place it through security separately, so put into the bag in a location that is readily accessible without removing your other belongings.

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