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Default nude sun bathing

what's the skinny on nude tanning?
My girlfriend and I are planning a cruise on the CARNIVAL MIRACLE.
It will be my first cruise.
I enjoy nude tanning from the privacy of my home.

Question 1: Are there options for nude tanning on the ship?

Question 2: I've heard the term topless thrown around. Since men are often "topless" by default, am I excluded from enjoying the experience?

Question 3: Assuming there is nude tanning available, and as a man I am permitted to be present on the said "deck", is it socially acceptable for me to do so either with my girlfriend or solo?

I am not intending to "hit" on other guests, nor do I intend to make any likeness of the other guest's images. I simply want to enjoy a little nude sun bathing while I'm on the cruise.

I have other questions too. like... How private are such areas? Is it ok for me to converse with other naked people? How many people would typically be there? Is it likely that I would be the only male sun bather, and as such be regarded as some kind of weirdo? Are non-bathers allowed in these areas?
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