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Originally Posted by LucD
if you don't want to follow the rules, go with another cruiseline, go with carnival or with the windstar cruiseline, here you don't have to dressup all the time
Well, of course this is excellent advice. However, the majority will rule on this, as with all cruising traditions. If it turns out that the majority don't want to dress up, and express that on their comment cards, then I am sure at some point HAL, as well as many other cruise lines, will drop their formal dress requirements. However, conversely, if the majority stands up for the formal dress code, and expresses their displeasure with those who don't follow it, then I am sure formal dress codes, along with tougher enforcement standards, will prevail. And that's exactly the way it should be.

So if the majority upholds formal nights, and demands them, then you are right ... people like me have a choice. We either play ball or find another cruise line without formal dress requirements.

But I do agree with you. If people are gonna sail a line that adheres to formal nights, then they should respect them and at least make an attempt at formal dress.

Blue skies ...

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