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Default Hawaii Tours

There are a ton of good activities and tours on the Hawaiian Islands. I've been on some, but not a whole lot. I try and go to Hawaii once every 2 years. I used to live there.

Here are a couple good resources to help you research. I can't tell you how important it is to do your research before hand! You don't want to get sucked into what ever is around and not have a good experience, especially considering that you're going on all the islands. (i'm going in November!!)

Hawaii Discount Activities is a good one. They have descriptions and a really big selection.

Maui Vacation Network has activities as well as info on rentals, cars, restaurants, etc...

Hawaiian Activities is also a good one. This has mostly activities for Maui, but covers other islands too.

I personally would do a boat trip to snorkel. See if you can do a night dive, or snorkel on the big island with Manta Rays. I did this and won't forget it!

Still need info on Luaus.

If you're adventurous, do a doors-off helicopter ride, though the kids might freak out. I would take them to the best beaches and save some money over doing the heli. Heli tours are better for couples and older kids.

Hope this helps. Have fun!
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