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I don't mean to stir the pot on the dress for cruising--- that argument and debate will go on forever as it seems to already done so--but--
Assume the cruise line drops the " formal " in formal night. Suppose they say, okay, no need to bring suit and tie, just nice slacks, shirts, etc. in the dining room-- you know-- country club casual-- nice slacks, slippers collared/button up type shirt etc.
Now where do we go from here when those who can't grasp the " formal " in formal night can't grasp the nice slacks/shirt thing and show up in jeans, tee-shirts, etc? What do they do then-- lower the standards again after a time so as to not alienate a few who just can't get it? Pretty soon they would have to adjust downward again and basically before long it's Golden Corral night in the Rotterdam Dining room. Then--- why even have a dining room-- just have feeding troughs open round the clock to come and go at will and as you are.
I think there has to be cooperation from both the cruiseline and from passengers regarding the dress.
The cruise line offers those who wish to dress up a dining experience in which to do so--- called the dining room.
The cruiseline offers those who do not want to dress up a dining experience called the buffet.
The problem is that the cruiseline won't hold up their end of the bargain and allows people into the dining room who aren't properly dressed and there are some passengers who won't observe their obligation by not going to the buffet but instead to the dining room when not properly dressed. So, there's blame on both sides.

But as I said, the debate over dress will never end. Some say we are changing and everything's more casual today than a few years ago, etc. I agree and completely understand. I see it in banks, offices, etc. I know too that many places that tried "casual fridays " etc. gave it up and went back to business attire because--- guess why--- some folks just went too far with the casual thing.
When I worked I was in the claims dept. of a large insurance company. We had to meet and deal with the whole spectrum of society. We went through a couple phases of dress codes. When I started out, we were allowed to wear khaki or docker type slacks and collared shirts. Then somewhere along the line, some few started wearing jeans every now and then. Then a little more often, etc. etc. Bottom line was that a few ruined it all for everyone and we had to start wearing a coat and tie. Years later, we went back to casual--- lasted about a year and half --- back to coat and tie-- because some oddball screwed it up again with his jeans and cowboy boots.

Call me old fashioned, out of step or whatever but there are certain standards that never go out of style. Good manners, cleanliness,
and plain common sense are a few. They aren't out of style-- it's just that not too many know how to use them anymore.
There--- I said it. Feel better too!!

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