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Hey guys, sorry I got a little backed up on my review on the ship but we had some communication issues and then they closed the Internet Cafe' at 11:00 last night.

For the Carnival Colors Deck Party, you don't have to wear any particular color. Our colors were Red and Blue because those are CCL's trademark colors as would be Blue and Yellow for RCI. The dancefloor was split into the red and blue teams and each team recieved XX number of points based on their participation and/or winning of specific events. The events of the deck party were as follows:

11:30 DJ On Lido Deck

12:00 Deck Party Starts

Electric Slide
Cha Cha Slide
Carnival Colors Conga Contest
Hairspray Dance Competition
Carnival Lip Syncing Contest
Cupid Shuffle

12:50-1:30am DJ Plays on Deck

Club O2 was also awesome this cruise. Unfortunately I can't comment on nights 2 and 3 because i was preoccupied with my friend Lauren's obligation to babysit her little sister. I don't understand why parents would stick that burden on teens who are on vacation!!! WFT!! Oh well, I pulled some strings and got her little (13) sister in the club on the last night so we finally got to dance. The first night was kind of slow and my understanding was that 2-3 were too. However, being the crazy fool I am, we got the party started and Eszter, the 2nd (And BEST Club O2 director) stayed with us from 10pm till almost 2am and there was a crowd the entire time. At peak i'd say we had 150 teens bumping and grinding everywhere that there was floor to stand on lmao! Andy killed our mood with a "Dance in a way that your parents would approve of" speech which of course pissed ppl off and made them grind more! For anyone sailing on the Carnival Sensation between now and January, Eszter will be your Club O2 Director. As of Sept Andy will be gone and Eszter will be the only O2 director and I assure you guys, she is TOTALLY COOL and was even grinding with the teens last night!!!

I'll post the pictures of the ship as well as the individual public area reviews by this weekend. Any questions you have, feel free to post them and i'll do my best to respond. Pics are up on my Myspace now.
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