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All the ideas have been great. A couple of things that I try to remember to bring are a night light, so I don't have to leave the bathroom light on and, if I have them, the individual coffee creamers in French Vanilla or what ever flavor you like. The ships do not have them because they want you to order the fancier coffees. I had to supply our whole dining table with them on one cruise. Good thing I had plenty.
And, I actually used the shoe bag for shoes since we had plenty of room elsewhere for the smaller items. It was better than piling them up on the floor of the closet!
In the bathroom I use 2 or 3 of the glasses (from the tray in room) for make up etc. Just the right size.....way too small for drinks!!!
Have a great cruise and be sure to tell us about it when you return!
Alice in NSB
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