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Originally Posted by Marc
Mike, Royal Caribbean's policy still allows smoking on balconies; a big difference with Regent.
That's what I find very, very surprising. I would think that smoking on one's balcony could present bigger problems that smoking in one's cabin. On the balcony, you first of all have the risk of a higher degree of fire hazard since you have the potential for high winds, etc. You could also have more combustible and flammable materials on a balcony. Finally, smoking on one's balcony risks bothering other passengers. I know that if I was a non-smoker who maybe had an allegy to smoke, and I paid a mint for a suite with a balcony, I'd be quite a bit upset if the people on the balcony above me were heavy smokers who spent a lot of time out there. Now, in effect, I have a balcony I paid big bucks for, but can't comfortably use.

It would seem to make a lot more sense to me to allow smoking in the staterooms, but prohibit it on balconies.

The whole policy on RCI just doesn't seem to make sense. While I strongly disagree with any cruise line prohibiting smoking in cabins or on balconies, it would seem to me that at least Regent's policy is understandable. They want to eliminate smoking in most areas on their ships. But RCI's policy leaves me totally baffled. Are they continuiing to allow smoking on the balconies so as to "encourage" smokers to book these more expensive accommodations?

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