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Default Caught between NCL & TA in fare dispute

We just got off the Pearl last Sunday but I had the weirdest occurance before we sailed.

We booked this cruise in 8/2006 with one of the "biggies" via cruise compete. Two cabins, two adults each. Got my quote, booked it with a $500 deposit/cabin. I had used this agency on 2 previous cruises and believed them to be reputable. Time rocks along. Final payment came due when my mom was in the hospital and I was camping out there with her, so when the TA calls, DH tells him to charge the balance to our card on file. This was our 29th cruise and he had no reason to question the amount the TA gave him for the balance. Our past expierce with TA's had been quite ethical.

When I get home a few days later and look at his notes, I'm shocked because this balance should have been covered by NCL certificates (which had been processed, cause I had checked earlier) and now they had charged $1,750 to our card! When I called the TA he said there was nothing he could do because we had agreed to the amount given. Grrrr.
He insanely asked me why I was even calling him! I told him I thought the TA was an advocate but I guess not.

So . . . I called the acct. dept. of Biggie Travel Co. and got pretty much the same run around, basically said NCL had gone up on rates, she didn't know how the agent ever got that rate as she wasn't able to come up with it in her computer. I told her in my understanding once a deposit was made and processed that we had a contract with the agency to provide that service at that price. I do understand that $200 was levied by the state of AK by legislation in April, but that's not what I'm talking about. She said if NCL wouldn't honor the price they couldn't either. Finally I told her I did not believe this practice was legal and if she would kindly pull my jacket she'd see that I have 2 cabins for the Mediterannean and 3 cabins to Hawaii booked with them and she might want to consider transferring those bookings to another agency.

She decided to get back to me. She still beat around the bush about honoring the price, etc. I asked how on earth they could NOT honor a quote. She said (get this) "well, if you had proof of the price it would be one thing but . . ." Honey, what's your fax number, cause proof is on the way. Now honestly, how could she think I did not have copies of the invoices they had sent me? Duh.

So, she refers it to "management" and calls me the next day. Says it's all a big "computer glich" and they are refunding $1411 of what they'd charged me. What about the remainder I asked . . . silence. That is all that management was willing to do.

Would some of you TA's please advise me about this practice.
I agree this may have been my fault to some degree in that my DH agreed to the charge but I have never had an agency do this.
It is not the $300 (although it would have gone a long way toward my bar bill!) but it makes me very leary of dealing with this agency again.

I have no intention of beating this dead (sea)horse but am curious about your thoughts.

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