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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
I don't agree. If I have a legit booking at a set price, I don't care what tax was passed either before or after my booking (contract with the agency).

That's the price of doing business. A contract is a contract unless it stipulated that the fare might change. If that were the case, I would have moved on to another TA.
I am not going to argue as I didn't have any clients affected by this. Most of mine doing Alaska booked this year after the increase, but I do believe new taxes can be passed on. I am not sure.

Regardless, Magnolia deserves an explanation from her TA.

On the other hand, if I understand you correctly your reasoning is the TA or the cruise line should have to eat all those $50.00. I hope that isn't what you are saying. I can assure you, if the TAs had to eat the $50 per person they would make almost no money, in many cases they would make less than no money.

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