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This $350 was on TOP of the Alaska tax. I was contacted in April as soon as the tax was passed and certainly would not expect the agency or the cruise line to absorb a tax levied by the Alaskan people. This was taking that $200 ($50 x 4) into account.

It is unlike me not to fight this to the death, but I have a really full plate right now and am just not up for a battle. But you can bet your bippy this fine company will not see me in the future.

What has amazed me is their failure to try and explain to me how it is that a contract is not a contract. When I've asked very specific questions about their math and how they come up with the numbers they do there is just dead silence. Even after I faxed them my complete, accurate documents along with a worksheet so simple that even Louisianians can understand it (quote and original invoice = X, M/C and certifcates = Y and even I understand X should equal Y)

And for the agent to laugh off my husband having okayed an incorrect amount really amazed me. In all our travelling I've never had anyone
be so cavalier.

Oh well, guess they have more business than they can handle.
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