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Originally Posted by MB
I do understand that $200 was levied by the state of AK by legislation in April, but that's not what I'm talking about.

MB has already said she understands the "new" tax from AK. Was this the $150.00 pp? If so, her TA should have notified her of the extra charge. NMita sure would have!
I certainly hope I would have. No, the tax leveied by the state of AK is $50 per person which would have been $200 total for the four of them. On top of that, as I understand it is another $300.00. Magnolia, is this correct?

To me, as an agent, it is even more infuriating now that I know she was notified about the tax increase, but her agent can't explain the other charges. As I mentioned I have never seen this happen. Oh, we all know about the price quotes last year involving HAL, but that was more a computer glitch and caught within a few days. I am talking about a cruise line raising prices and asking the passengers to pay more than the contract states. even if this did happen, the TA would have been notified and should have passed the information on asap. I have a gut feeling the TA misquoted the price in the beginning. At least that is the only thing I can come up with.

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