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Originally Posted by Irish Shark
Originally Posted by nmnita
On the other hand, if I understand you correctly your reasoning is the TA or the cruise line should have to eat all those $50.00. I hope that isn't what you are saying. I can assure you, if the TAs had to eat the $50 per person they would make almost no money, in many cases they would make less than no money.
Ity is not her problem that they screwed up the proce on the contract. Yes, they should eat it. Tuff if they don't make any $$$ on the deal.

Magnolia Blossom said the she was not going to chase it. If it were me, I'd be dispputing the extra charge with my CC company.
I don't think you are getting the point or maybe you are, I am not sure. Magnolia was willing to pay the increase in taxes as she should have been. It is not the fault of the agency or the cruise line when the state adds an additional tax. this applies to port charges as well and it does happen. The consumer does have to pay. she is questioning the other charges which I agree with her 100%. She has every right to fight it to the end and I would contact the CC company as well. Again the added taxes are her responsibility and she agrees. It seems like we are on different pages on this.

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