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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz
I'm with Irish on this one. It's not the tax, thats acceptable and understandable. A fare misquote or increase requires the TA to notify immediately.

Once we sign on the line, if there is nothing in the fine print about changes, any failures go to the business. They will likely not make the same mistake again.

I would also see if the TA is in the BBB and have a dispute placed with the BBB. It doesn't do much but if a savvy shopper checks the business beforehand, they will see the dispute and think twice.

I recently bought a "antique" map of the caribbean from an online store.
I ordered the smaller size and they sent the larger size. They even sent me an email confirming what I ordered.

When the map arrived I noticed on the invoice that they charged me for the larger one. I emailed them back on the confoirm email with all the details and asked them why they charged me more. They offered to exchange the size and credit my acct. or keep the larger and pay the higher price. I said NO, you made the error and I have proof from you of what I ordered. You credit my acct for the overage and I keep the larger map.

Your error, not mine.

Phil & Liz
Phil, the problem here is, as I understand Irish, even the new taxes can not be passed on. This isn't the case; they can be and are. yes, a good agent would have informed her of any rate increase. In fact as soon as the deposits are paid the rate should be locked in. I have never seen a case when this wasn't the policy, except for new taxes, port charges and a couple of times fuel sur charges.

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