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Default Re: Discrepency on the Carnival Bill

Originally Posted by tweetybird
I hope someone could answer this question for me.

Before we took our cruise I booked a shore excursion at home for Barbados and charge it on my Mastercard. The day of the excursion, it was raining and they cancelled that excursion and asked us if we wanted to do another excursion, a tour of the island. We said yes and went on that tour. The last day of the cruise when we got our bill, we saw the credits from the one shore excursion that got cancelled and then the other charge for the excursion we took. I saw that they credited the cancelled excursion and charged the other one that we took. Ok, so I thought everything was ok, not realizing that my husband used his credit card for the sign and sail charges. I had forgotten that I used my credit card for the shore excursion until I got my bill yesterday and saw the charge on there. So now, we are being charged twice for the excursion, one on my credit card and one on my husbands.

So, should I call Carnival or the credit card companies?

I'm confused. So it went like this:

Credit card #1 Charged: +2 excursions
Credit card #2 Credited: -2 excursions
Credit card #2 Charged: +2 excursions

That evens out to paying for only 2 excursions. What am I missing? Carla
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