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Originally Posted by tweetybird
It is 2 different credit cards. The credit card I put the shore excursion on was my mastercard. The S&S credit card was my husbands Discover card. Carvival credited the Discover Card which never had those charges on in the first place. I received my mastercard bill yesterday and the $130 was applied to it. The shore excursion was cancelled so I should pay nothing.

I called my credit card company to see if any charges was deducted and they said no.
It does not matter what credit cards were used.

I will try again... using $100.00 as an example for the cancelled 1st shore excursion and $125.00 for the shore excursion that you took.

On a bright sunny day (sitting at his computer) Mr. TB (tweetybird) charged $100.00 on his Discover Card for excursion number 1.

Several weeks later on the cruise ship, excursion number 1 is cancelled and excursion number 2 is booked. This is what your Sail and Sign card would have looked like:

Tips 50.00
Drink 5.00
Cancelled excursion number 1 -$100.00
Excursion number 2 125.00

Total due $80.00

It does not matter that you paid the $80.00 on your Mastercard...because you only paid the "difference" between the cost of the two excrusions. You were not charged twice.

At least that is the scenerio from the info in the posts you have given so far.

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