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If the Alaska Tax Law was in effect at the time of booking, then I would say that is fair and should be paid.

However, if the law was enacted after the booking date, tuff I will not pay it. It would apply to all booking made after the law went into effect.

What happens if the law stated that it is retroactive to 10 years ago? Are they going to chase every passenger for this new tax? Don't think so.

Originally Posted by Magnolia Blossom
We booked this cruise in 8/2006 with one of the "biggies" via cruise compete.
Originally Posted by nmnita
OMG< I do think I know what happened but your agent was lax in not letting you know. A $50 tax per person was past last fall on all ALaskan cruises.
Now was this passed before or after 08.06? That would clarirfy one aspect.

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