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The OP wrote this post on May 16, 2007 and it probably explains why she doesn't want to eat in the dining room.....
************************************************** ************************************************** ********************

on the same subject, what about meals you don't eat?

For my 4-day cruise, there will be
sunday: lunch and dinner
monday - 3 meals
tuesday - 3 meals
wed - 3 meals
thursday - breakfast

So that is 12 meals total.

I'm planning to have room service breakfast every day so that means I will be tipping the room service person, so that brings down the meals outside of the room to 8.

Based on the menus and my son's picky eating, we will likely only eat one lunch and one dinner in the dining room, and eat at the buffets or lido deck restaurants (pizza, deli, etc.) all other lunches and dinners. Are these considered in the tips or are the tips only meant for the dining rooms?

So how do I adjust this for tips at the end of my cruise?

I will of course give my steward a tip based on service quality.
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