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Originally Posted by tweetybird
Thank you Mark, you are the only person who understands. I thought maybe I was a little crazy. I probably didn't explain myself clearly.

I should of told you that they credited the shore excursion that I charged on my MC on the bill we got at the end of the cruise, but then they charged us again for the shore excursion that we took in place of the shore excursion that got cancelled. Plus I got a bill from the mastercard company with the shore excursion on it for $130.00

I hope this clears it up a little better.


This is what I am feeling very
Sorry, but I don't see your point - unless you expected a free tour.

Your Mastercard was billed $130 for the tour that you booked pre-cruise.

Your husband's Discover was credited for this $130 when the tour was cancelled - net cost to you (and your husband) is zero for the tour you booked pre-tour.

Then your husband's Discover was charged for the tour that you took.

Seems to me Carnival got it right, unless I am misunderstanding some charges.

You even stated in a previous post that the credit on the Sign & Sail card was for a charge that did not exist on the Sign & Sail card - effectively, the credit on the Sign & Sail card led your husband to pay $130 less than he should have and now you are paying that $130 (from the Sign & Sail card, essentially) on the Mastercard.
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