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Originally Posted by LuvSunnyDays
Originally Posted by Angelgal
I have to cruise on Christmas Eve to get away from my family members and not be all alone at home. This is why I have booked a cruise with a friend on a 4 night cruise. I have traveled with her before so she is okay.
I don't want to be alone on Christmas Eve.
Luci -- your post is interesting. I've often thought of getting away for the holidays -- but always figured that seeing other families together on a cruise (and enjoying each other's company!) would be even more depressing. I understand that "life is what you make it" and I manage to get through the holidays (which is my least favorite time of year), but you don't find it difficult, even a little?

LuvSunny / Cindy
The image of a warm and loving family enjoying a cruise for Christmas is a myth. There are by far more people are those ships during the holidays trying to get away from family than there are families trying to get together.

Christmas cruises are full of solos and little two and threesomes. There are also couples and tiny families who have decided to skip the family gathering for a whole wealth of reasons. We babyboomers have raised an entire generation of selfish, ungrateful children. Therefore, there are loads of discarded (throwaway) parents out there who are just now figuring out that it is ME time and are taking what little bit of money, health and energy they have left and enjoying themselves.

One consolation is that our children are really going to being crying and in shock at our funerals when they realized that all we have left behind is an extensive collection of magnets, keychains, souvenir glasses and bone dry bank accounts. Hahahahaha! They will be wailing and tearing at their clothes and hair!!!! Hahahahaha!!!
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