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Originally Posted by nmnita
shoreguy, we might as well give it up. Irish Shark really feels the TA is responsible for paying the taxes, nothing is going to change his mind. Magnolia Blossom seems to understand, you and I know the taxes are never the responsiblity of the cruise line or the agency but he is bound and determined he wouldn't pay them. This being the case, I guess he wouldn't cruise either as the cruise would not be paid in full.

I give up!!!!
You are the one who is not on the same page. Please read what I said ...

Originally Posted by Irish Shark
That said, the NCL passenger contract does say that NCL can raise the price basically for any reason. If you don't like it, you can cancel.

So I guess that the tax part of this moot.

Spending too much time on this since the OP paid the tax and is not going to chase the rest of the money. Let's move on.

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