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Originally Posted by tweetybird
Sign & sail card bill at the end of the cruise, which the bill is applied to
husbands Discover card:

Camp Carnival : $ 28.00
Drink: $ 5.00
Shore Tour #1: $130.00
Shore Tour #1: - $130.00 (minus)
Shore Tour # 2: $135.00

Tweetybirds Master Card Bill comes on monday

Carnival Shore tour: $130.00 from the shore tour that was cancelled.

So we are paying for shore tour #2 on Discover card and shore tour #1 that was cancelled on Mastercard.

I would send "the above breakdown" to Carnival an email to whom ever you are dealing with. It is easier to see than trying to describe in words.

Or simply disbute the Mastercard charge if you not already paid it and let Mastercard clear it up for you. The reason: the excursion was cancelled.

Good luck!!

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