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Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
By George I think I've got it.

Call Carnival and explain. If they don't credit your account within say 21 days, file a dispute with your Master Card. Keep the sail & sign bill, as well as both credit card statements.

Credit card refunds can be done almost immediately by Carnival.

Good luck
I disagree, because if Carnival issues a credit to the card that was billed, that means the OP still owes Carnival the money. What difference does it matter which credit card it is on. The OP and husband presented the card when they boarded they agreed they wanted to be those are the ones that were used during the cruise.

Its not as simple as you all want to make it because Carnival now has no authorithy to rebill the correct card if they issued the credit after the they would be out the money.

OP just use the other card or transfer money from one card to another yourself. If you involve the credit card can only call one card issuer or the other. Visa cant see the MC credit or whatever, so they would charge back Carnival....leaving the OP owing them money. So Carnival wouldnt let the OP use that card again until she pays them?

I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill if you are whole and YOU presented Carnival with a different card to use during the cruise.
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