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Default Re: Atlantis cruise

Originally Posted by St Pete Cruiser
That is very sad for you guys as a simular situation happened to me last year.
Is your cruise price without air? The air with relatively short notice is often the problem.
Ask if you can apply all or some of the cost towards a future Atlantis cruise.

St Pete Cruiser
Thanks for your suggestion, we will give Atlantis a call to find out. The price is just for the cruise. We planned to fly from SFO and has to cancel our Delta tickets which is about 1500 each person. Hope we can get as much back as possible. I also booked 3 nights in Barcelona and 2 nights in Athens through Priceline, and no refund at all for those.

Our dog was diagnosed with heart failure about two and a half weeks ago. It was pretty bad the week before, and fortunately he is getting better this week. Since he takes several medicines every day, it's impossible to leave him in other's hands anytime soon. Although we are going to lose the money we put in and I have go kiss goodbye to my first Europe trip, I am still happy to see out dog is improving.
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