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Hi Cindy, My first cruise years ago was a Christmas cruise. It was fantastic because we cruised to the caribbean and it didn't feel like Christmas at all. I have been cruising ever since during Christmas time.
I get to meet lots of super nice happy cruisers..... singles, couples, families, crew workers, etc. I mostly cruised SOLO too. I was in my 30's and I would have fun with the crew workers to hang out with during their off time. I even had an affair with a Musician who was a real sweet guy.
I was never lonely.... not even for one minute.

Cindy, you need to try a short 3 or 4 night cruise at Christmas time in order to save some money on the cruise because they are expensive.
But it is worth every dollar. I always have the best time ever.

Cruier Gal, has the perfect attitude about leaving the relatives in the dust and just get away from it all.

I am trying to spend my son's inheritence as fast as I can because he doesn't care about me but I know he will be crying at my funeral and so will my grand-children. I am planning to leave my assets to whoever is in my life taking care of me. Even if it is a stranger that has decided to help take care of me. I may outlive my son because he already has medical problems. I could live to be close to 100yrs old. Long lives runs in my family tree. My son could live to be just 60's or 70's... who knows. I don't want my daughter-in-law to get any money. She has been super mean to me. I have to act like everything is okay between my son and I... just to keep him in my life.

My advise to you Cindy is to make your own plans on what will make you happy at Christmas time and get off the gift giving band wagon. Luci
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