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Originally Posted by tweetybird
I am so sorry that I am confusing everybody. I am so confused myself.

My question is, why pay for the shore excursion that we never took on my MC for $130.00, then CC charged us another $135.00 for the excursion that we took. So to me, I feel I am paying for 2 shore excursions. 1 we took and 1 we didn't because it got cancelled, but I am still paying:

$130.00 - Shore Excursion cancelled Charged on MC
$135.00 - 2nd Shore Excursion charged on S&S card

Believe me, I am not trying to get a free excursion or anything else out of Carnival. I just want this whole mess straighted out already.
Where is the credit that Carnival issued on the Sign & Sail card in this calculation?

If, in fact, Carnival did issue you the credit on the Sign & Sail card (since we can't see your bills, we have to ask the question), then your net cost of the 2nd cruise on the Sign & Sail card was $5.

I understand your frustration, but you have to look at the issue in the aggregate, not in its pieces. If, in the aggregate, you paid $135 for the second cruise, no matter which card the charge was put on, then you did not get overcharged.

If, on the other hand, no credit was issued for the first, cancelled cruise - then you have a beef.

If the original tour was charged on your Sign & Sail, then the credit issued against it, you have a beef.

However, if the original tour was credited on the Sign & Sail without the corresponding original charge, then I still do not see where you are getting charged twice.
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