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Oh... I forgot to add that you may meet a mother and daugher team. The daughter will most likely be in her 40's on up in age. Mom will go to bed early so that way you will have time to hang out with the daughter.

Handy hint, dress in nice clothes to impress the ladies. You never know when you will meet a hottie gal who has gone on the ship for romance. You will have a lot of days out at sea so choose wisely. Take your time in looking at all the gals.

Once you have chosen a gal to hang out with...... buy her a rose for her cabin. Then later on buy her a real silver tiny bracelet that will only cost you approx. $20. If you really like the gal then buy her a corsage/flower for her to wear on the second formal night. Take photos together... I am sure she will be the one to buy the formal photo from the photographers.
Pack a cheapy camera to take lots of photos together.
The important thing is to be classy on the cruise and be polite too.
You will have fun, fun, fun. I promise. Angel
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