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Originally Posted by Angelgal
I have heard that people get really impressed by designer shoes for men.
Also, I get impressed when guys wear black silk shirts and pants because it looks good and it feels good. Silk underwear is nice too.

Hey cruiser guy, I would like to be in a real life situation where a guy spoils me with flowers and jewelry. I don't ask for much. 8) AG
ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME, AG!?!?! (((SARCASM))) I think you're too classy gal, and I am no where near your caliber. I appreciate your insights and I will flower your advices if/when I run into my better half. just teasing with you. And, I hope you do not find my observation offensive or rude.

well, I plan to practice my Espanol during this cruise since I will be in Spain for a month in several weeks. I am also looking forward to several more cruises toward the end of this year =) Thank you again for your valuable insights and tips.
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