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I took the Panama Canal cruise off the Liberty also - for the main purpose of going through the locks. Bragging rights - you might say. However, would I do it again.........nope. It was sooooooooo long. So Hot and so crowded! The drinks they served were hot also. They didn't put them on ice until we boarded the ferry. However, I am glad I did it. It was about an hour trip there then like cargo hauled us onto the ferry where you picked your spot you might say. Might want to bring a hat - because your in the sun a lot. Once we went through the locks it was fantastic to watch/see (we were at the back of the ferry so we could see it perfectly). But, it was just so long waiting. However, was unavoidable as you have to wait your turn. Would I do it again for 198.00 per person? NOPE But am I glad I did it? YES - Definitely something to do once in your life. :-)
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