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Hi,we used Ehaki Tours for our sunrise van tour this past July. After the sunrise,we then went to the top lookout area. Then I think we stopped down closer to the bottom..but the other poster is correct,you will see the views on the way down. I know the road has switchbacks,so you will see views no matter which side of the bus you are on,but I think there was more to see if you sit on the left hand side (drivers).I loved this tour as their van only holds 12 ppl. We ate breakfast at a beautiful golf course!

I dont know where you are from,but I will say is VERY cold and windy at sunrise and I will bet more so the month you go than in July. Im from Texas so not use to cold,and it was too cold for me to stay out for long. We had a couple with us from Chicago and the driver told them to go back into their hotel room and get the blankets off the bed..they laughed but did so...they said they would not have made it if it were not for those thermal blankets! I wore a warm up suit,over jacket,hat,gloves and had a small blanket,and FROZE! But,it was a great day! Enjoy! Dot
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