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Default Re: Constellation - Scandinavia & Russia What's New?


Originally Posted by You
How is the dining with the departure of Michel Roux? (is it true he left)?
Well, the announcement of his departure stated that he would continue as a consultant but with a more limited role so he probably is not yet completely gone. Nonetheless, the line subsequently announced a new partnership with a team of culinary consultants lead by chef Elizabeth Blau. We probably will see some change in the style of cuisine, but the quality will still be there.

Originally Posted by You
Special interest in the Scandinavian ports?
Oslo has a lot of interesting attractions. Its city hall has very impressive artwork and there's a park with a very impressive collection of very realistic statues depicting human life from birth to death, all done by the same artist. The ski jump, built for Olympic Winter Games several decades ago, and the Viking museum also are quite interesting. Finally, be sure to allow some time to stroll the main street (converted to a pedestrian plaza) where there are many street artists and sidewalk cafes, and it's accessible on foot from most of the piers.

In Copenhagen, the tour of the royal palace is a worthwhile take, and you'll get to see (but not touch...) some of the crown jewels along the way. The statue of Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid seems to make most visitors' "must see" list, but it is a very nice piece of art. Copenhagen's main boulevard is also a pedestrian mall with shops, cafes, and a lot of street performers, but it is not as convenient to the ship as Oslo's.

Originally Posted by You
Weather for Northern Europe?
Very similar to New England -- quite pleasant for sightseeing during the daytime. A shower is a possibility, but there was a lot of sunshine on my cruise to that region.

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