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Originally Posted by farler05
Originally Posted by IBCRUZIN'
Originally Posted by farler05
OK, so I'll admit to taking a blender on my first cruise back in 2000. I read that article someone else posted & thought what the heck?! I wanted to avoid having a gigantic bar bill, so we packed the blender, crystal light & some liquor. We also brought along a small cooler. Our cabin steward brought us ice & never mentioned the blender. I'm sure I saved a ton of money!

On my second cruise, last year, we packed vodka & wine. Saved a bit of money again. I thought about the blender, but worried about the new restrictions. I'm sure we'll pack some liquor & wine on our next cruise as well.

For whoever said if you have to bring a blender perhaps you can't afford a cruise...nah, that's not it at all. I just choose not to pay $8 for every drink!
Most mixed drinks on Carnival are less than $6 without the souvenir glass. Understand that when people do not generate sail and sign, they dig into the profits of the cruiseline. The cruiseline is there to turn a profit. If the cruiseline cannot get a profit from the sail and sign bills, they will get their profit from somewhere else, i.e., higher cruise cost, lower quality food/entertainment and the like. While I am not knocking the idea of bring a bottle of your liquor of choice on board but if it is a person's goal not to partake in the ships non-free "activities" to save money, I again put out the suggestion the perhaps a cruise is not the best vacation for them.

But before the cruiseline resorts to raising prices across the board, they will start to do a few surprise "denial of boardings". This means that sooner or later there will be a few unlucky souls who try sneak liquor on board at embarkation and, when Carnival sees the bottles in the Xray machine, they will force the offending passenger to leave the ship with no cruise and no refund. This only has to happen a few times before word will get around and all of this blender, cocktail in the cabin nonsense will stop immediately.

It is important not to take advantage and push your luck. You are on a cruise not a camping trip.
Well, for a 5 day cruise our sign-n-sail bill was over $900 for I'm thinking they got their money out of us. I have pretty plastic cups & some coconuts with a carved monkey face sitting on the dresser. But then again, if we're lucky, I'll be pregnant by the time we leave (odd hope I know) & they won't get a dime out of me for drinks anyway since I don't drink pop. I don't think they're gonna go out of business because I sneak a few bottles on (if I'm not pregnant).
No they won't. It just has to be done in moderation.
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