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I am guessing xCalBear is an ex Californian and not a UCLA Bruin.

Diver guy, you are soooo right in mixing the clothes and things. Plus, it is very important to carry on some clothes in case your luggage gets lost by the airlines. That does happen a lot. I have met gals and guys on cruises who tell me their luggage was lost.

Here is a funny story about two stupid guys who cruised with us singles on a singles group. They were trying to save money so they booked two different airlines to get to the cruiseport. For example; they booked one airline to get to Arizona...... they didn't go pick up their luggage to take it to the next airline company to get to Los Angeles airport. They thought by some kind of magic that the airlines would know that their final destination was LAX. They got on the ship hoping that their luggage would arrive in our first port of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When we arrived in Mexico the luggage was not there. One guy chose to go buy some clothes at Wal-Mart that is located right across the street from the port.
The other guy chose to fly home. Their luggage was still sitting in ARIZONA airport waiting for them to pick it up. Sad story because the guys didn't buy travel insurance either.
Carnival has a laundermat where you can go wash your clothes so it was easy for the guys to wash their clothes on the ship. All they had to do is buy some clothes on the cruiseship or ask some of the other guy crusiers if they had any clothes they could share with them. I would be willing to help out a gal who needed some clothes since I over pack lots of clothes in one luggage when I fly and I pack two luggages when I don't fly.
Moral of this story is..... be careful how you plan your flights. Luci
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