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Please put me in the "traditional" category as well for several reasons. First, open seating and open times mean being seated according to the whim of the head waiter or maitre d'. We have had several experiences of being steered (including on a luxury line with open seating no less) toward tables other than the ones I requested, unless a piece of paper currency transfers hands. Second, we prefer that our serving staff get to know us and our preferences; this just does not seem to happen with open seating and different serving staff each day. Third, once we get tablemates with whom we are comfortable (sometimes this takes a couple of days of table-shifting), it is more enjoyable for us to have those kinds of conversations that seem to continue from evening to evening rather than start anew with the same topics day after day. We have several long-standing, close friends who we first met this way. Fourth and finally, a set seating time seems to take away some of the hassle of "what shall we do now?"
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