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Originally Posted by showcat
Halloween have the most people but they are not posted yet. Other wise up to you, your shedule and price range at a time good to travel for you. The 2008 shedule is not complete yet, Alaska should be added and possibly Europe this year! I liked the cruise from California alot so that looks good, I don't do the over 40 cruises as I tend to hang out with the younger crowd. I also think Western Caribbean ports have better shore excursions then Eastern ports which are beautiful but kind of boring. Check out the shore excurisons on the cruiselines home page. This is a big determining factor for me. What ever one you choose post a review on this site so we can read it. Happy cruising.
Cruise excursions protect people from the real world and what you end up with is a sanitized and reconstituted experience much like Chicken McNuggets. I prefer doing my own research and exploring places on my
own. On that note, if you take prepackaged excursion, then you're not scratching 2% of the surface of what the islands really have to offer.
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