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:-? :cry: :x We took this same cruise. Count you're blessings and NEVER CRUISE WITH OCEANIA unless you like being RUDELY treated and WASTING money! Our cabin was very NOISY and we could see the light from next door coming in around the wall. We had the SMALLEST shower I've ever seen - 14" wide! We had brown water coming out all the time. We got food POISONING. When we went down to mention it to the doctor we were billed $150.00. The food was very inconstant. The "country club casual" was facistly enforced and really meant you didn't have to wear a tie. Absolutely the WORST tendering service we've ever encountered. Sometimes over and hour and a half to get off the boat. When we docked we docked furthest out. NO shuttle help. NO signs. NO water. NO help...The tenders BROKE down. The AC on the bus went out - 110 degrees inside! Oceania dissuades kids but they are there anyway and have absolutely nothing to do so they end up roving in gangs and being disruptive - can't blame them. Even though the ships are small and have a high crew to passenger ratio the design really creates choke points like the Pool (very very small), the gym, the spa. They were all very crowed and INACCESIBLE. NO public space fore or aft to watch the sunset (only the bar or restaurant, indoors with SMOKE and NOISE) - you have to RENT a cabana for hundreds of dollars! Through it all we tried to raise our concerns with the management and were treated like treasonous FOOLS. Their attitude was as if nothing could possible be WRONG with Oceania. To top it off it was very very hot on the whole trip.

Sorry you missed Istanbul (great), Venice (try not to go in July or Aug.) and Almafi. It was a great itenerary and we loved the places we say - but magic (as it should have been) it wasn't. I would highly recommend going on say Princess for half the price or spending a little more for a true luxury line.

Good luck.
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