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Also, I have cruised Regent a lot! The smoking of others has never bothered me. In fact, I scarcely ever see anybody smoking onboard! I have never read a post or conversed with a guest wherein smoking was brought up as a problem -- except a few about smoking on adjacent balconies. Personally, I believe Regent has created a problem where none existed. I smell (instead of tobacco smoke) the work of insurance companies here.

Unlike another poster above, I see a direct comparisson between Regent's actions and the Carnival Paradise situation. Smoking does not equal drink sales on Carnival or any place else. On cruises, I drink (often way too much) but I do not smoke. Regent's policy is not as strict as the former one on the Paradise, but by banning smoking in one's own stateroom or suite, Regent's policy comes very close to a complete ban. This is not going to be popular among Regent's European potential guests, of which there have been many.
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