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Default FYI: New debarking process!

I just went on the Liberty from 7/29-8/4 on a Western Caribbean Cruise and Todd Witmer, our CD said this process is only a couple weeks old and only a couple of the ships i the fleet are trying it. This was my first cruise and I guess before you have a color, they call them randomly and that's when you leave. Here's the new-and-improved way! It worked great!

Carry and go- from 7-8am you can take your own luggage and leave the ship yourself. You would not put your luggage out the night before and there will be nobody to assist you. If you just have one suitcase and need to leave early, this is for you!

Flights before noon- they got to get off next and had to show proof of this with their airline ticket

General debark- each section of rooms was given a number from 1-34 and that was on our luggage tag (a few sections per floor). The beginning few numbers were the vip's and suites would go first and every 15 min or so they would call out new numbers in a row. This way you knew when you'd be getting off the ship so you could relax, eat breakfast, lay out for a bit, etc.

"Numbers 14, 15, 16, and 17, you may now leave the ship........numbers 18, 19,20, it's your turn, thank you very much!"

The ship was empty by 10:30am and we didn't really wait in any lines! It was great! We were on Riviera Deck 1 and had number "32" so we waited the longest and it was still totally fine.
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