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Default Re: 1 to 10 How Much Do You Care - Dress Code?

Originally Posted by sail7seas
1 to 10 How Much Do You Care - Dress Code?
How much do we care about the dress code? 9
How much do we care what others do? 2

We choose to dress for dinner every night in at least a jacket. Its fun for us and we think it the proper thing to do.

On the other hand there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone at dinner having to hear them complain about people. PLEASE DON’T COMPLAIN OVER DINNER. We sat next to a couple 2 cruises ago who’s greatest joy was complaining. You would think the woman was having a heart attack every time a man walked into the dining room with just khakis and a polo. The last day I wanted to forgo my usual suit and wear shorts just to see her reaction. People should dress for dinner but if they don’t it’s not the end of the world.
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