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Sorry you don't like my posts. But I feel free on the boards to post about any subject that "just don't sound right to me."

By the way, what can "governments do" with respect to what goes on a ship in international waters? Aha, you are gettting into one of my expertise areas now! I realize that there is a move to regulate ships on the "open seas" by the UN, but it will face far to many legal and political hurdles for any line to be reacting to it now. I doubt either of us will live to see the resolution of any such attempt.

Do I like the smell of stale tobacco smoke? NO! But what I like less is the trend almost everywhere to make everyone conform to some role model set up by governments and "power structures", and to outlaw conduct that does not conform to some standards they have created. And I do not like the errosion of personal freedoms in other areas, too.

So as long as boards will allow a poster to stand up for personal freedom (with reasonable limitations), I guess you are just going to have to endure my posts (or simply disregard them) as YOUR personal freedom allows.
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